3 ways Raycast increases my productivity

December 05, 20221 min read

👨‍💻 How raycast helped me unify common tasks and save time

1. Clipboard History

Raycast has a Clipboard History that stores your recently copied items, allowing you to easily paste them again. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to have quick access to it. You can quickly use actions to paste the content (i.e.  ⌘ + ↩ ). You can also pin frequently used items to your Clipboard History for easy access. menu Additionally, searching is available to filter the results, and you can even search the text within an image. searching

2. Window management

While macOS offers some basic window management, it is not suitable for keyboard-savvy users. You can use it to split view two apps side-by-side, but if you’d like to do more, you’d have to use a third-party tool. In the past, I was using some fine libraries to improve that, however, Raycast has implemented window management support. You can manage windows beyond the capabilities of macOS native support. For example, you can center windows, move them to specific display monitors, and even resize windows proportionally.


As always, the most convenient way to use it is to assign the commands you need to keyboard shortcuts, i.e. for adjusting a window’s size to the left of the screen, it could be Ctrl + Option + ←.

3. Managing two factor authentication (authy)

In today’s world, where most applications motivate their users to use two factor authentication, it is more obvious the need for a tool that automates this procedure instead of waiting for emails or text messages with unique codes. In the past, I mostly used Google Authenticator, however, apps using that can be easily switched to Authy. Luckily, there is an extension for Raycast to avoid having the Authy app running and also give quick access to filters from the keyboard. authy1 As always, the most productive choice is to bind the command to a hotkey. authy2


In summary, Raycast offers powerful features that enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. In this blogpost we explored three functionalities: Clipboard History, Window Management, and Authy extesion for managing two-factor authentication. By utilizing these features and assigning keyboard shortcuts, you can significantly improve your efficiency and optimize your daily tasks.

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